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Thank you for taking the time to read this. Here is the story of how this website was born.

If you ever find yourself in the dreaded position of being diagnosed with cancer or one of your loved one’s is it can be completely devastating as happened to a close friend of mine last year.

The first thing I did was to Google the particular type of cancer and sadly found that my friend’s cancer was so aggressive that only about 3% survive for more than 12 months. I then went to Wikipedia and checked out all the treatments which ultimately were only to prolong life for a few months with this particular cancer.

I then decided to search for alternatives and found some amazing treatments and cures for all types of cancer which people all over the world are using to great effect. In certain remote tribes there is zero incidence of cancer where particular nutrients are a part of their standard diet; this obviously tells us that the reason cancer rates are soaring must surely be connected to modern lifestyle and diet factors. I discovered on further reading and research that the mainstream medical community are not fans of these alternative or complimentary types of treatment because there are no wide-spread trial results available as they are based on natural foods and nutrients that cannot be patented by the giant pharmaceutical companies so they won’t pay for the trials. I was always suspicious of people spouting conspiracy theories about the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry but to be honest what I have discovered over the last year makes me think there is genuinely something to it when it comes to mainstream medicine.  I also learned that there are very good clinics all over in world that are successfully treating patients with alternative and complementary medicine who subsequently  walk out in remission or even cured of “terminal” cancer. There are of course some snake oil salesmen and unscrupulous people with their own agendas to watch out for but the first step is to research and learn all you can while keeping a degree of healthy skepticism. I realized cancer does not have to be the death sentence most people think it is, but understanding it and why we get it is key.

Sadly my friend lost her battle recently after going through the standard “cut, burn and poison” treatments that her doctor told her was the “Gold Standard” but she did get another three months of life to spend with her adoring family and friends. Writing this now I still can’t believe she’s gone, she fought bravely all through the treatments and never lost her sense of fun. I miss her warmth, laughter, friendship and intelligence but I am grateful for all that I have learnt because of this sad loss.

This experience was one of the reasons I was inspired to develop this site, if someone can benefit from what I have learned then the loss of my friend will not be in vain.  My aim is to provide you with a starting point to learn about natural health remedies which may prevent and cure a variety of ills not just cancer but all of our modern-day illnesses, diseases and conditions. I have always had a passionate interest in nutrition and had some success with improving my own mothers Alzheimer’s symptoms using nutritional supplements.  I believe that there is a cure in nature for most ailments and diseases, and nutritional medicine is definitely the way to go. I will endeavour to bring you interesting and informative articles and reports on new developments, treatments, diets and lifestyle regimes from a variety of sources. The focus will always be how to have a healthy, happy, slim and fulfilled life. If you like what you find here in this website please sign up for our newsletter, we promise not to send you hundreds of emails just interesting and useful health news. Don’t forget to like and share us on Facebook and now you can follow us on twitter too.  Please help us spread the word and share the posts you think your friends would like.

Many thanks

This website is dedicated to the memory of my dear friend Maura Lynch and my wonderful parents Esther and Rex who are always in my heart.