Is Soy Really A Healthy Alternative?

There was once a time when if you mentioned the word “soy” people thought you were a hippie, a vegan, or somewhat eccentric. Of course, the times are a ‘changing, and nowadays its commonplace to see soy products for sale in almost every supermarket. However, what you might not know is that even if you […]

I lost a stone in 6 weeks, my surprise weight loss story

 Really Simple Weight Loss Advice A few years ago I gave up a stressful job and had some time off before deciding on my next career move. During my first month off, I decided to do a short adult education course which lasted 8 weeks. It involved 3 tutorials a week each lasting 4 hours. After the first month […]

Health News – Why You Should Be Eating More Fat

This week at Healthy Happy Slim we want to bust the diet industry claims that “low fat” foods are the ticket to weight loss and better health. From TV ads selling the latest versions of low-fat ready meals, to the hundreds of diet products lining the supermarket shelves, it seems we just can’t avoid the […]

Health News: Flu Shots, Facts Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

Yep folks! It’s that time of year again! Time to roll up your sleeves and go get your flu shot! As winter approaches, the pharmaceutical companies are once again rubbing their hands together with glee as literally thousands of us flock to the doctor’s office to immunize ourselves against the dreaded winter bug. But is […]

Why The Natural Health Community Loves Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil dear readers, is our new best friend! Here at Healthy Happy Slim, we’re pretty sure that once you get the low down on the MIND BLOWING health benefits of coconut oil, it will soon be your best friend too! Coconut oil health news Coconut oil has always had a reputation of being a […]