Fitness Tips – Experience The True Benefits of Bikram Yoga

With the temperature set at a hardy 105ºF with approximately 40% humidity, Bikram yoga contracts and strengthens every muscle as the True benefits of bikram yogamovement and heat intensifies. Your bones, replenished with blood and calcium are strengthened as each movement works against gravity. Joint mobility and the full range of motion increase whilst toxins are eliminated from your body. Your lymphatic system works with greater efficiency and even your endocrine system is prompted to release the right hormones so that you experience a greater balance.

The benefits of Bikram yoga are extensive

What other set of exercises can offer a complete all-body work-out in just 26 postures? The heat, possibly excessive for some, helps your body to become malleable, it protects your muscles during deep stretches, thinning the blood and detoxing your body through open pores.  Improved circulation works to stimulate your brain and your body becomes nourished with greater nutrients, oxygen and fresh blood.

If you are new to yoga and are expecting an all-relaxing class, a visit to the Bikram ‘torture chamber’ as it is affectionately called, may seem just that. There is a sense of a real ‘work-out’ and the heat can make you feel dizzy and drained. But millions of yoga enthusiasts will vouch that the 26 set posture sequence chosen by Bikram Choudhury, really does work every part of your body giving a vital boost towards optimum health. Once you have managed to acclimatize your body, ensuring that you have sufficient fluids to carry you through the session, the benefits of Bikram yoga are hard to dispute.

Bikram yoga is built on the foundations of Hatha yoga

It extends your body’s natural range of movements as the intense heat helps you to sweat out any impurities as you bend, stretch and flex.  Focus is not simply on the correct alignment and dedication made to each posture, there is focus on breath work too as some postures require an 80-20 sequence where you inhale deeply and then exhale only 20% of the air from your lungs. Other postures call for a technique known as exhalation breathing where you exhale completely as you move into the extreme posture. Breathing then continues normally. It is important that you take time to learn these breathing techniques and to avoid straining. Your lung capacity will naturally improve through practice and as these techniques become more natural.Bikram

The postures are chosen for their natural benefits. The Half Moon pose for example, works on your core area, strengthening every single muscle especially in those areas that need it the most such as the abdomen. It also works on the spinal area too, strengthening and improving the flexibility of your spine from top to bottom. Internally, it boosts kidney function and promotes better health of the spleen and liver. If you are interested in Bikram yoga for weight loss, you won’t be disappointed because the Half Moon pose also trims your waistline, hips and thighs.

If you have some experience within Hatha yoga, you may be surprised that there are no inverted postures within the 26 set posture sequence. There are known benefits to inversions such as a compression of the thyroid gland, increased flow of blood to your brain and a reduction to your blood pressure so this may seem an oversight. The absence of inversions however are due to the view that those who are new to yoga, may not have the necessary strength to practice those inversions safely so in an advanced Bikram yoga class, they are included.

If you need convincing that the benefits to Bikram yoga are extensive, consider this. Everyone struggles with stress and experiences emotional disharmony within their lives. Bikram yoga helps to balance your emotions by harmonizing your nervous and endocrine systems. It also helps to promote awareness, concentration and determination, giving a fresh clarity to your perspective.

If you are tempted to try a ‘whole life’ yoga exercise system, then join a class and persevere with your studies concentrating on learning each of the 26 postures. Only then will you be able to experience the true benefits of Bikram yoga in their entirety.The True Benefits of Bikram Yoga

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