Fast Fitness: High Intensity Interval Training

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Lose Fat and Get Fit Super Fast with HIIT. High intensity interval training, known as HIIT for short, is making waves as a way to lose fat fast. Does that sound like a scam to you? Thousands of products and workouts claim to help devotees drop weight in a time pinch, but few of them have […]

How To Build Muscle Safely Using Weights For Beginners

Why Build Miscles

There is a perception that building muscle is all about looking buff and is essentially a form of narcissism.  It seems to be a fairly common opinion that cardiovascular activity is the helpful kind whereas building muscle is all about looking good.  Well these preconceptions are simply not true.  For a balanced fitness regime, it […]

Fitness Tips – Experience The True Benefits of Bikram Yoga


With the temperature set at a hardy 105ºF with approximately 40% humidity, Bikram yoga contracts and strengthens every muscle as the movement and heat intensifies. Your bones, replenished with blood and calcium are strengthened as each movement works against gravity. Joint mobility and the full range of motion increase whilst toxins are eliminated from your […]

Why A Sedentary Lifestyle Maybe Putting Your Life at Risk

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Fitness Tips – Could Sitting Down Too Much Be Killing You? Modern life means a lot of sitting, we are so much more sedentary these days and this is affecting our health more than we realize. We sit in our cars on the way to work, sit in meetings and at our desks while at […]