Health News – Why You Should Be Eating More Fat

This week at Healthy Happy Slim we want to bust the diet industry claims that “low fat” foods are the ticket to weight loss and better health.

From TV ads selling the latest versions of low-fat ready meals, to the hundreds of diet products lining the supermarket shelves, it seems we just can’t avoid the slow drip feed of misleading weight loss advice and nutrition tips from the food manufacturers,, even though we know their main goal is to make profits. Sadly, most of us have come to believe them because up until recently, their message has also been reinforced by government, health authorities, and slimming clubs but all this  may be about to change.

It’s obvious that this low-fat mantra is failing to halt the obesity epidemic, and contrary to “official” advice there’s growing evidence to suggest that foods traditionally considered high in fat and calories such as coconut oil, nuts and avocados even animal fats can actually help lower blood sugar and in turn promote weight loss.

It would seem that although the nation’s waistlines are steadily growing, it isn’t because we’re not getting the message, it’s because the message we’re getting is flawed.

 Why low-fat foods are making you fat

  • Food manufacturers know that if you take the fat out of the food, you also remove the flavor. Let’s face it, nobody would eat those diet products if they didn’t taste good – the industry’s profits would plummet! By adding sugar, artificial flavorings like MSG, flour, salt and fillers to diet foods, the manufacturers can create a tasty dish and label it “low fat”, giving unsuspecting consumers the impression that they’re eating healthy food that will help them lose weight.

Don’t believe the hype! If a product is “low in fat” then you have to ask yourself what that fat has been replaced with.

Health News: Eat More Fat Eat more fats

The Swedish government’s health authority recently radically changed the dietary advice given to its citizens by turning the food pyramid upside down, putting oil and fats at the base and grains at the top. They are telling the Swedes to EAT MORE FATS and dramatically reduce grains, cereals and sugars. As controversial as this might sound, the emerging evidence supports this advice and we don’t think it will be long before other countries have to follow suit and admit that the current guidelines are seriously flawed.

Nutrition Tips - Think good fat, not low-fat.

The message is this fat is not the enemy any more, in fact, fat is vital for good health. Evidence is mounting that cutting it out can do more harm than good, the exception being hydrogenated vegetable oil or trans fats. This month, the FDA reported that they are finally considering removing partially hydrogenated vegetable oil from its safe list. These trans fats have been linked to heart disease, cancer, hormone imbalance and learning disorders to name but a few. The FDA’s decision to reconsider may have been prompted by a lawsuit which is being brought against the FDA by a heart disease researcher. On the other hand, polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 play an important role in helping to manage mood, improve brain function, fight fatigue, and even help control your weight. Interestingly, some saturated fat is needed for the healthy functioning of the heart, lungs, liver, bone health and immune system; it is rich in vitamins A and D, calcium and phosphorous which can help lower blood pressure. So our health and weight loss advice is to include more fats in your diet and replace processed foods with whole/raw foods, nuts, coconuts, avocados, and other healthy oils, avoiding all hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Increasingly, studies are showing that too much fat in the diet isn’t the problem…..

When it comes to weight loss, it seems we may not be focusing our attention on the real problem. Portion sizes are getting larger and “Franken-foods”, with their addictive chemicals, genetically modified ingredients, sugars and trans fats have been playing a major part in keeping the nation fat. The message is loud and clear. If you want to lose weight and be healthy– don’t go on a low-fat diet.

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