Health News: Flu Shots, Facts Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

Yep folks! It’s that time of year again! Time to roll up your sleeves and go get your flu shot!

As winter approaches, the pharmaceutical companies are once again rubbing their hands together with glee as literally thousands of us flock to the doctor’s office to immunize ourselves against the dreaded winter bug. But is it all a huge con, or worse could it actually be harming us?  Does the flu shot really work or is it simply an annual injection of cash for the manufacturers?

This week at Healthy Happy Slim, we’re asking:Flu Shot

Should you have a flu shot or are you better off without it?

The shocking truth is that the protection offered by the vaccination may not be as effective as doctors would have you believe. In fact a recent study suggests that not only does the seasonal trivalent flu vaccine fail to stop you going down with flu, it could actually increase your risk of going on to develop respiratory infections and other more serious conditions.

The research, which was recently published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, followed a large group of volunteers for a total of 272 days. Approximately half of the group involved in the trials was given flu shots, and the others received only a placebo saline injection.

The study concluded that there was no significant difference between those who received the flu shot and those who did not.

Worse still, evidence suggests that those who did receive the flu shot were up to five times more likely to suffer from respiratory illness than those who didn’t!

A range of respiratory infections were reported by participants throughout the duration of the trial, some of these, (such as the rhinovirus or common cold,) were to be expected, but more worryingly some incidences of coxsackievirus and echovirus were also reported. These viruses have been known to lead to much more serious conditions like meningitis, hepatitis, and heart disorders and even paralysis, but despite this, the trial was still touted a success! This is because the study set out to demonstrate that the vaccine increased levels of antibodies found in the blood.

In other words, the effectiveness of the flu shot was not determined by whether or not it prevented disease, but if it caused antibodies to be produced!

Furthermore it seems that the simple act of injecting any antigen could cause some damage to the immune system.

 These are just a few additional facts and ingredients in your flu shot:

  • Thimerosal, a widely used vaccine preservative contains mercury, which is a poisonous neurotoxin.
  • Aluminum, another neurotoxin often linked to Alzheimer’s.
  • Ethylene glycol, a type of antifreeze.
  • Vaccines can cause an acute inflammatory response that can become chronic in some individuals. This is particularly dangerous for pregnant women.
  • The inactivated influenza vaccine has been associated with development of Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
  • Vaccinations suppress your immune system which can impair your immune response for many weeks after the initial shot leaving you vulnerable to contracting other unrelated infections.

Still Think You Need A Flu Shot?

Despite this compelling evidence, the advice from our doctors and health authorities continues to be the same. If you do want to go ahead and have your flu shot ensure you have all the facts. Do your own research and ask yourself the question, do you really need an annual flu shot or could you be healthier without it?

On a very personal note, after about three years of my late parents starting to have annual flu shots they both went on to develop Alzheimer’s. They were elderly admittedly and of course it could have been a coincidence but I’m not sure that is the case.  I often wonder if there was a connection and if anyone has, or is going to study the correlation between flu shots and the alarmingly high rates of Alzheimer’s. The link may be the very high amounts of metals like mercury and aluminum which have both been linked to the disease. It seems to me that the last two decades in which annual flu shots have become common practice particularly for seniors and the rising rate of Alzheimer’s is something that should be looked at.

Wellness tips – Can you protect yourself naturally?

Of course there’s always the alternative…..

Ever wondered why some people in the office go down with the flu and others don’t? It’s down to the strength of your own immune system. Building up your own natural immunity is one of the key ways to avoid coming down with the flu in the first place. Follow our wellness tips for a flu free season:

  1. Increase your levels of vitamin D from sun exposure and take a supplement. This is one of the best sure fire ways to avoid infections of all kinds.
  2. Avoid sugar and processed foods. Sugar knocks out your immune system making you vulnerable to attack.
  3. Take regular exercise and get your blood moving around your body. Improving circulation gives your immune system a better chance at finding bugs before they stop you in your tracks.
  4. Eat more foods like garlic and use oregano oil which is naturally antibiotic.

The subject of vaccination is very emotive and is getting more attention recently because of facts now in the public domain about some of the ingredients we mentioned above and efficacy research. It would appear that far from protecting us flu shots may actually be harming us so we suggest taking our wellness tips and doing your own research and discussing risks with your doctor.

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