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I get so exited when there are new developments in the health and weight loss arena and when scientific studies confirm what many natural health practitioners have been saying for years even when it goes against established thinking I can barely contain myself!  That’s why I wanted to tell you about some exiting health news we’ve got lined up for you in the new Blog. Starting with some healthy living tips including the amazing benefits of coconut oil and why you should include it in your diet. I had heard about people using coconut oil to treat Alzheimer’s recently and the near miraculous effects, but I had no idea that it can help with weight loss along with dozens of other health conditions too. Coconut oil has had a very bad press in recent years but all that is turning around now so suspend your disbelief until you read all the facts.  I used to use it myself for sunbathing back in the day!! I know, I know that was really bad but hey, it was a long time ago. Following on from that we’ll be giving you some unusual weight loss advice and telling you why you should be eating more fat to lose fat, yes you read that right. Sound crazy? All will be revealed very soon. We have some nutrition tips about soy and whether you should or shouldn’t be eating  or supplementing with it. We will be dispelling some of the controversy surrounding soy to help you make an informed choice. So that’s your mini preview of the great stuff coming but if you would like more health news and nutrition tips delivered straight to your in box why not sign up to our newsletter so you never miss a single post. We love your feedback and will research and write about anything from weight loss advice and healthy living tips to relationship advice for women,  so tell us what you want to know and we will do everything in our power to bring you the health news YOU want to hear about. Help spread the word by sharing and liking any content you think works.

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