The 3 Most Important Ways To Stay Healthy And Cancer Free

Healthy Living Tips – Staying Cancer FreeHow to stay healthy and cancer free

The first thing to understand about cancer is that its not just a tumor but a disease of the whole body system and often the tumor is the wake up call that lets us know all is not well. We all have billions of cancer cells in our bodies all the time but these are kept in check by our immune system. A few rogue cells which are not effectively destroyed by the immune system can actually be active for many years before there is any sign of a tumor.

This is one reason mainstream medicine often fails in the long term treating cancer because of the focus on the tumor using chemo and radiation which destroys the immune system. You’ve no doubt heard of people getting rid of cancer in one place only to have it return in another, this is the reason why. In fact many of these treatments often make us more vulnerable to cancer.

The three things cancer needs to survive and flourish are an acidic body, lack of oxygen and sugar. There are many recognized triggers which when combined with the three factors above create the perfect storm where there is only one possible outcome. If we remove these cancer accelerators and strengthen our immune systems we not only protect ourselves from cancer but from many other diseases too.

Healthy Living Tips – Acidic Lifestyle and Cancer

The modern day diet full of processed foods, excessive sugars and too much stress all serve to make an acid environment where the body, which needs a P.H. of around 7.2 – 7.5 to simply carry out all metabolic repair processes is unable to stay in balance and so unable to fight disease. There are many diseases that thrive in an acid body but for now we are concentrating on cancer. Being too acid also impacts on the body’s ability to take up adequate oxygen.

Healthy Living Tips – Lack of Oxygen and Cancerstay cancer free

The incidence of deforestation in the modern world and pollution of the oceans are of great concern.  Oxygen-producing phytoplankton concentrations are falling rapidly and have diminished by a massive 30% in the last 30 years. In big cities where pollution levels are very high the oxygen concentrations are even lower. Compared to prehistoric times the earth’s oxygen levels are up to 50% less than they were and the lower they fall the bigger the impact on human life. This reduction in oxygen in our environment is of great concern as the link between cancer and oxygen was established as long ago as 1931 by Dr. Otto Warburg who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery. Cancer cells are anaerobic which means they can’t survive in an oxygen rich environment.

Wellness Tips – Sugar

Cancer feeds off sugar so the popularity of grain based high carbohydrate diets will contribute to the speed at which cancer grows. Sugar is very acidic so is also the number one enemy of a perfectly alkaline balanced body.  Regardless of whether they are slow release or low glycemic index they are still converted to sugar and are used by cancer cells as fuel. It’s not just that candy bar or soda you should be avoiding it’s also some of the so call healthy foods like pasta, bread and grains that contribute to your sugar consumption that should be kept to a minimum unless you have an extremely physically active life which let’s face it not many of us have in this day and age.

So now you know what cancer needs you can learn more about how to alkalize your body here (PH ARTICLE) which will also help you to How to stay healthy and cancer freeoxygenate your cells and you can learn how to reduce carbohydrates and sugars using the principles of the Paleo diet here(PALEO ARTICLE)

You can learn about amazing alternatives to traditional cancer treatment and why some of the treatments your doctor may advocate actually make it impossible for you to be cured permanently and worse still create even more disease and suffering. We also discuss some of the triggers to avoid that set cancer on its course of destruction not least of which is the importance of the bowels health in both prevention of the disease but also in its cure.



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