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Self helpHi, my name’s Christine and I am a self-help junkie. Yes, you heard right. I have attended every self help course, bought every book on self-help with all the hope and expectation of a small child over the years, over 30 years to be exact. I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I’m really tired of being disappointed. I’ve done the rituals, read the books, done the visualisations, created my vision boards, and yet nothing much has changed. When I’ve met other like-minded individuals we all get so enthusiastic about sharing all the new knowledge and insight in things like The Secret, the Law of Attraction, and countless others but life stays the same. It doesn’t seem possible to have all that source energy knowledge and for reality not to change. Maybe we’ve missed some critical factor or we have been doing something wrong or maybe we just have self-help exhaustion!

Most of the books, courses and teachings that I’ve studied seem to be based on a one size fits all model, and you don’t need me to tell you how different all of us are as individuals. We all have very different issues and blocks and sometimes some of us are even partial to a bit of self-sabotage! When you’ve bought as many courses and books as I have, you can also end up feeling quite cynical and a little ripped off, and let’s face it, some of the sales presentations are so convincing that we just can’t help ourselves because this will be the one that will change everything so we click the button that says ‘Add to Basket’ and we pay in whatever currency, we eagerly open our digital downloads or open our books and turn on our E-readers and we’re off……… Later that same lifetime nothing much seems to change!

This Source Energy course really did work

So I want to tell you about something that has actually worked for me. Yes, that’s right, I found something that works and is working. It’s a source energy course that teaches you how to raise your vibration which in turn allows you to work through very personal and difficult and issues. The foundation of it is that all matter vibrates at different frequencies; this is explained in better detail in the course but it really does make sense and there actually is some science behind it. It’s a more sophisticated type of cosmic ordering focusing on your being more connected to the universe or source energy and recognising and eliminating everything that has stopped you being successful before. It basically helps you delete viruses and reprogram yourself! I’ve had some profound realisations about my past, even going back to my childhood, things I didn’t realise were in my “energy field” if you will, that were just constantly stopping me from moving forward, so for me, I feel as if a veil has been lifted and I can see clearly for the first time. I know it sounds weird but I really do feel so much calmer and happier these days. Click here to see how I did it.

Real life has changed too, I have been able to manifest things I have wanted for years and I am really exited about the future. Imagine that! After 30 years, I’ve finally found a program, that truly works for me. It’s uncanny and feels a bit strange but most of all its amazing.

This brilliant woman is called Christie Marie Sheldon, and she’s an Intuitive Life Coach. I have bought two of her source energy courses, the first one called Use source energy to change your life Love or Above which helps you understand the concept and allows you to connect with your higher self by using source energy and raise your vibration. She encourages you to connect with what she calls source energy. Now, for some people, that may be your god, it may be a higher consciousness, it can be whatever you perceive the source of all energy to be. It is quite spiritual, she gives you the mental and spiritual tools you need to understand and make the changes you need to have a more fulfilling life, there’s a lot of guided visualisation involved in this, but it’s easy to do while you listen to her, because she talks you through every single step of the way of basically opening yourself up to this source energy, and feeling connected. This allows you to deal with emotional blocks, often beginning in childhood and past traumatising events you may have suffered that you have long forgotten. There are some lovely meditations in this source energy course which help you to feel relaxed, inspired, and happier and also clear out your mental clutter, so this was my first experience of Christie Marie Sheldon, and I was very impressed. I downloaded the course onto my IPhone, and regularly listen while I’m walking in the park, whenever I have free time or whenever I’m really stressed; the meditations genuinely work for me.

The next course I bought was called Unlimited Abundance Now this is a biggie, it’s about wealth and your relationship with money. She covers 24 common abundance blocks which prevent us from reaching our goals. You will probably find something in all of them that resonates with you on some level; often unexpectedly, I know I did. This unique type of self-discovery really is what helps you to move forward and overcome your issues surrounding money fast because when you truly understand them it’s just one easy step to delete them forever. At the beginning of the session you connect yourself to source energy, and then you make certain energy statements to clear these blocks and negative energy from your life. The 24 sessions consist of live webinars that she conducted where people would email in with questions, which she also addressed. I have listened to all 24 modules probably three or four times each. Unlimited Abundance is not cheap but there’s a lot of product for the money here and she even offers a 90 day money back guarantee if its not for you. Personally it has genuinely moved me past problems, especially to do with wealth creation that I’ve had all my life. It works because it gets to the ROOT of why you are where you are now, and lets you change on a much deeper level.

Dealing with Beliefs Using Source Energy

A belief like money is the root of all evil or all rich people are bad can be ingrained in us by the programming we receive from our parents, religion or society and can live in our subconscious mind and create obstacles and blocks without us even being aware we are creating them ourselves. What she teaches is that money is just a form of energy, it’s just a type of exchange which has been used since the year dot instead of bartering goods for other goods or services, and there is nothing good or bad about it apart from the negative connotations we put on it, which we end up believing is the truth. So this is a really useful self help course if you have money issues as I do, are struggling with debt, starting a business, or just can’t seem to get anywhere with wealth or abundance creation.

I would say, through my experience of doing these Christie Marie Sheldon source energy courses, I have probably dealt with something like 80% of all of my issues to do with money and overcoming all the blocks I had to with wealth creation and having a happier life generally. I truly believe she has a Unlimited Abundance using source energyvery unique gift and most importantly her products work.  Don’t be put off by her giggly nature and her light-heartedness because what her products offer is really substantial, really effective and, as I say, they’ve worked for me. Mindvalley is the company that promotes these courses and is one of my favourite sites, they have an amazing array of other truly inspirational self help courses including the Silva Life System, philosopher’s notes and a really great iphone app called Omvana that I have too. Check out Mindvalley and see what they have to offer, I promise you won’t be disappointed. This is a 100% genuine review by me, it is biased I will admit but my passion is finding products that work so I highly recommend Christie Marie Sheldon if you’ve tried all the others, this may be the last self-help course you will ever need………. because it works. Get the life you want today Click Here Now

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