I lost a stone in 6 weeks, my surprise weight loss story

 Really Simple Weight Loss Advice

A few years ago I gave up a stressful job and had some time off before deciding on my next career move. During my first month off, I decided to do a short adult education course which lasted 8 weeks. It involved 3 tutorials a week each lasting 4 hours. After the first month people started commenting that I was looking a lot slimmer but I hadn’t changed my diet and wasn’t doing any exercise, in fact because I wasn’t even going to work every day, I was probably using up less calories, so this weight loss was a real mystery. I thought perhaps my cortisol levels had reduced and this might have been the reason for my much appreciated weight loss as there was no other explanation……………….. up until now. The college didn’t have any parking of its own so I had to find a meter about 5 minutes’ walk away and go back 2 hours later to top it up. Because I didn’t want to miss too much of the tutorials I used to rush to top up my meter and then rush back, so that was 5 minutes each way. I couldn’t run as I was as always in high heels but walked as fast as my little legs would carry me, always arriving back at the college quite out of breath. I should also mention at this point that I am one of those people who leaves everything till the last minute and consequently am often late, so I was always rushing to get to the class on time too.

HIIT, For The Fastest Weight Loss

I now realize that those 3 x 5 minute sprints three times a week were like doing a short HIIT workout  and it makes total sense of my unexplained but welcome weight loss. With High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT you do very short bursts of high intensity exercise which raises your heart rate and then allow it to return to normal for a period and then repeat. This frequent increase and decrease of the heart rate is what makes this the most effective type of exercise you can do for weight loss. Aerobic exercise classes keep you sweating and your heart rate high for the whole hour which while being good for the  cardio-vascular system really doesn’t have the impact on weight loss that HIIT does. This, I now understand was what was happening when I  was rushing to and from my car broken up with 2 hours either side of sitting down in class.

Really Easy Weight Loss

Up until recently I had no idea why this fantastic and unexpected weight loss just happened but you can be sure I am going to do my best to recreate it.  Starting from today, when I go out I will try to walk really fast for 5 minutes and then walk normally at a after weight lossrelaxed pace for about 10 minutes before speeding up again for another 5 minutes, so I will be including 2 to 3, 5 minute sessions of fast walking every time I am out. I will only be doing this for about 30 minutes or until I start to get funny looks, to see if it really could be that easy a second time.

What happened to me back then was like a weight loss miracle and it didn’t cost me a penny. I will let you know how I get on in a month so keep checking in to the Healthy Happy Slim blog to see my weight loss progress. Read Our Article About HIIT Here

As you can see I am no model, but my figure looks pretty good in this photo, even if I do say so myself. In case you are wondering, I don’t look anything like this today but have every intention of getting back into shape. This was taken on holiday a couple of weeks after finishing my college course, who would have thought expanding your mind could have such a great effect on your body too!

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