5 Supplements To Reduce Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

Mastectomy & Breast Cancer

angelina_jolie and breast cancerRecently Angelina Jolie, 38 revealed she had a preventive double mastectomy to reduce her risk of developing breast cancer. The actress has a defective gene, BRCA1, which significantly increases her risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer, which her mother died of at age 56. A mastectomy is surgery to remove the entire breast, including the skin and nipple. Most people who have a mastectomy recover well after the procedure and do not develop complications and recovery usually takes between three to six weeks. After the double mastectomy Angelina’s risk of developing breast cancer has now dropped from 87 percent to under 5 percent. It is estimated that one in 300 to one in 500 women carry a BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene mutation, which is one of the risk factors for developing breast cancer. The other factors are a previous cancer in one breast, a strong family history of breast cancer and a history of lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS). According to the Society of Surgical Oncology, only those women who are at very high risk of breast cancer should consider preventive mastectomy.

Breast Cancer prevention

According to the World Health Organization breast cancer kills about 458,000 people each year and the American Institute of Cancer Research estimate that around 42 percent of breast cancers are preventable by lifestyle changes. Women with vitamin and mineral deficiencies, particularly low levels of selenium, zinc vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin E and vitamin D are likely to be at a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Furthermore numerous studies have now definitively linked excess oestrogen levels with higher risks of breast cancer, showing that it is hormonally driven. Some oestrogen is needed for the reproductive cycle, for healthy blood vessels, and bone health. But an oestrogen excess can speed up the growth and multiplication of cells and lead to breast cancer.

Diet: there is strong evidence that eating a Mediterranean diet full of high fiber, vegetables and fruit can lower the risk of breast cancer as can Stages of Breast Cancer, eps10avoiding refined carbohydrates, sugars and sugary drinks. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts, kale and pak choi all contain a beneficial compound called Indole 3woman controls her breast for cancer, self test Carbionol, which has the ability to block oestrogen receptor sites, and reverse oestrogen driven cancers.

Obesity: Being overweight is a risk factor for breast cancer and one reason is because excess body fat produces oestrogens. Reducing sugars and alcohol can help with weight management.

Physical exercise: Research suggests that increased physical activity, even if you start later in life, can reduce overall breast-cancer risk by about 10 to 30 percent. This may be due to its weight management effects in addition to its positive effects on body hormone levels.

Avoid hormone replacement therapy: HRT is known to increase the risk for breast cancer but if you find life unbearable without some help try to ask your doctor for a progesterone free prescription and keep the duration of treatment under 3 years.

Breastfeeding: Studies have shown that women who breastfeed are statistically less likely to develop breast cancer than those who do not. The exact mechanism as to how is not understood, but it may because oestrogen levels remain stable whilst breastfeeding as women do not ovulate.

Supplements to prevent and lower the risk of Breast Cancer

Curcumin: found in the spice turmeric has shown therapeutic potential in preventing breast cancer metastasis. It works by blocking a key biological pathway needed for development of melanoma and other cancers. The turmeric extract should be at least 95% curcuminoids that contains only 100% certified organic ingredients. Curcumin is poorly absorbed, as a powder so should be consumed in an oil-based capsule or with a teaspoon of coconut oil.

Vitamin D: has been shown to be important not only for killing cancer cells but also in the prevention of breast cancers and other cancers in the body. 1000IU-2000IU a day is sufficient to prevent a deficiency in vitamin D.

Omega 3 fish oils and flaxseed: in a liquid or capsule can help with reducing the risk of developing breast cancer. The omega 3’s exert anti-inflammatory effects on the body’s cells so reduce the cellular inflammation associated with the precursor to tumours.

Breast cancer examHigh strength Multivitamin and Mineral: supplement that contains at least 10mg of zinc and 200ug of selenium. Additional antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E and a B-complex supplement can be supplemented on top if required.

Calcium D-glucarate: helps in detoxification of toxins and can prevent the reabsorption of excreted estrogens in addition to blocking an enzyme that is responsible for proliferating breast cancer. The recommended oral dosage of calcium-D-glucarate is 400-600 mg split between two doses. Higher amounts up to1500mg can be taken for those with existing cancer.

Green tea polyphenols: Constituents in green tea called polyphenols appear to inhibit two proteins that promote tumor cell growth and migration. It is speculated that the Japanese have a three times lower risk of developing prostate and breast cancer compared to the US, because of a high consumption of green tea. Green tea extract can be taken in a supplement form to boost levels.

Chamomile tea: In new research from Ohio State University a chemical found in chamomile tea called Apigenin is able to bind to 160 proteins in the body including the one of the breast cancer proteins hnRNPA2. Apigenin causes the cancer cells to reprogram themselves to experience a normal cell death which reduces spread and may also make chemotherapy more effective by making the cancer cells less resistant to it. There is no evidence that it can protect against breast cancer but this is a very exiting finding which could have huge implications for cancer research in the future. So have a nice calming cup of chamomile tea before bed, I know I am going to from now on.

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