Why A Sedentary Lifestyle Maybe Putting Your Life at Risk

Fitness Tips – Could Sitting Down Too Much Be Killing You?Tv boring couple.

Modern life means a lot of sitting, we are so much more sedentary these days and this is affecting our health more than we realize. We sit in our cars on the way to work, sit in meetings and at our desks while at work, and sit on the couch after work. This is a major departure from the way humans used to live, sweating and toiling away physically to earn their daily bread. Experts are just starting to understand the effect that a sedentary lifestyle can have on your health.

Sitting Your Life Away

Is a sedentary lifestyle really all that bad? Definitely, according to researchers. Sitting at work and at play for hours on end causes your metabolism to slow down, resulting in higher blood sugar levels, muscle deterioration, and possible weight problems. All these disadvantages take a toll on your body: according to one study by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, reducing daily sitting time to three hours or less adds two years to life expectancy.

Think you can offset problems associated with sitting at work by going to the gym? Science says think again. A study by the American Cancer Society showed that people who spend all day sitting at work have higher mortality rates, even if they are very active otherwise. Although this group wasn’t as at-risk as the group with a sedentary lifestyle inside and outside of work, this just goes to show how harmful long periods of inactivity are for our health.

Wellness Tips – Conquering A Sedentary Lifestyle

Luckily, there are several steps you can take to interrupt a sedentary lifestyle immediately, even if it seems like you can’t help sitting at work. As companies realize how bad sitting at work is for their employees (and their insurance bills), they are encouraging their workers to make these kinds of changes more and more.

Fitness Tips – Eliminate Leisure Sitting:

A study by the University of Queensland revealed that every hour you spend watching TV after the age of 25 shaves 22 minutes off of your life. You may not be able to help having a desk job, but you can control what you do in your spare time. Trade your bike for your car when possible, and fill leisure hours with physical activity – even walking around the mall counts and remember to always take the stairs whenever you can. If you must get your TV time in, investing in an at-home exercise machine will allow you to bursedentary office workn calories and enjoy the latest episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Take Breaks:

Instead of hitting Facebook during concentration lags, get up and take a quick walk around the office. You can also make it a point to meander around while you talk on the phone or with colleagues. One study showed that TV-watching subjects were able to reduce their blood sugar and increase their insulin levels by 25% just by walking slowly on a treadmill for two minutes every 20 minutes so get up during those ad breaks and move around.

Stand Up:

If you want to cut down on the time you spend sitting at work, try an adjustable or standing desk. A standing desk is essentially a desk that sits higher than a normal model, allowing the user to stand while using the computer and doing other desk work. If your office isn’t ready to invest, DIY a standing desk by setting a small table on your desk and placing your computer and other essentials on top of it.

Implementing these changes, be it just one or many, can turn a sedentary lifestyle into a healthy one and make you feel better inside and out. Who knows – that standing desk might even help you live to a ripe old age.


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