Top 5 Tips For Writing an Online Dating Profile

Online DatingOnline dating is a great way to meet a hot date, someone special, or maybe even the man or woman of your dreams. It is also a great way to stress yourself out as you wonder how the heck you are supposed to write an online dating profile. Never fear – by following these five essential dating profile tips, you can put your best virtual foot forward and start watching the date invites roll in!

 1. Do your Research

  Before you start writing an online dating profile, scope out the competition with some sleuthing. If you are a man who wants to meet some ladies, for example, create a fake account pretending to be a woman from your area so you can read some eligible bachelors’ profiles. This can help you get some of the best dating profile tips there are, since you can see what works and what doesn’t work.

 With everyone trying to impress, you’ll quickly find that people recycle the same statements – it seems every guy out there wants to live life to the fullest, is close to their family, and likes to be social but also appreciates a night in. Along with the generic “I’m a great person” stuff, you will discover some good approaches and ideas for writing an online dating profile.

2. Be Unique in your online dating profile

  Now that you have an idea of what others have to offer, it’s time to separate yourself from the crowd. If you aren’t afraid to go bold, try changing up the entire approach by writing a news article about yourself (Extra! Totally Awesome Chick Looking for a Date!), making your online dating profile a game (spot the lie in this list of bizarre facts about me), or describing a typical day in your shoes (while I drive to work, I often garner stares as I loudly and shamelessly sing along to Demi Lovato). Sure, you can sneak some heartfelt stuff about how you love your family and dog in there somewhere, but the more interesting your presentation is, the more interesting you will seem. Online dating concept. Hand & Wine Glass Through Laptop Screen

  If you feel more comfortable writing an online dating profile that is more traditional, simply adding some spice here and there (I know I sound like a nice, normal girl, but I’ve been in so many bar fights I can count them on no fingers) will differentiate you from the rest of the traditional dating profiles.

3. Be Honest

Of all dating profile tips, this is perhaps the most important one. Even though you want to be unique and interesting, don’t lie when writing an online dating profile. Unless you are obviously joking (like claiming to have superpowers), it’s not cool to pretend to be someone you’re not. Fudging your age, income, profession, or even hobbies can come back to bite you. What if you put down that you are a great surfer, despite having two left feet, and you meet someone you really like who wants to go surfing with you? You will look like an idiot pretty fast. Be creative, but more than anything else, be yourself.

 4. Proofread

It’s amazing how many ridiculous errors can creep in when you are writing an online dating profiles. The trick to getting an error-free profile is simple: proofread. If you start to proofread end up changing everything around, that doesn’t count as proofreading; you have to go back and screen for errors in your new-and-improved version before your online dating profile goes live.

  5. Include Lots of (Accurate) Pictures

No matter how cool and grammatically perfect your online dating profile is, pictures are sCouple who found love onlinetill absolutely necessary. In the interest of getting the right balance between honesty and flattery, post plenty of photos (at least three) up where you look like yourself. You can pick good photos, but if your pictures are airbrushed to make you look like Jessica Biel and you actually look more like Rosie O’Donnell, you are going to go on a lot of disappointing dates.

All of these dating profile tips boil down to one basic concept: do your homework, be creative, and look good, but be honest about who you are. Chances are you will find someone who is interested in getting to know the real you.


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