Weight Loss Advice – How A Kitchari Fast Can Help Kick Start Your Weight Loss

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The Kitchari fast Let’s face it, the summer has been and gone. Before you know it, the holiday season with all the excess food and drink that comes with it will soon be upon us. With this in mind, we have one of the best fall nutrition tips for you that will give your digestive system a break and your body a healthy […]

Weight Loss Advice – The Best Protein Shakes

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Weight Loss Advice – The Best Protein Shakes By now we all know the benefits of reducing carbs and increasing protein to help with weight loss, it is in fact one of the most common pieces of weight loss advice, but how much do you need and what’s the difference between them? Protein is found throughout the body; in […]

Is Leptin the real reason you can’t lose weight?

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Leptin is a hormone produced and stored by the adipose (fatty) tissue. Its discovery in 1994 led to the field of obesity research. One of leptins roles is in regulating the rate of fat breakdown. It is regarded as a sort of ‘watchdog’ hormone that monitors how much fat the body contains and signals to […]