Herbal Antidepressants – An Alternative Approach

herbal antidepressants

This week at Healthy Happy Slim, we’re focusing on wellness tips, in particular, herbal antidepressants. It’s a sad fact that over 350 million people around the world are currently suffering from depression. Even though one in five of us will suffer from this debilitating condition at some stage in our lives, most people with mild to […]

Find Your Nirvana: How to Do Transcendental Meditation

transcendental meditation

Transcendental meditation, also known as TM, is a serious force in the meditation world. Although it has existed for less than a century, transcendental meditation has already racked up some impressive fans, including the Beatles. The practice boasts lots of health benefits, but for many people it is simply a way to relax, unwind, and […]

What Is Reiki-Seichem, And Could It Help Improve Your Wellbeing?

Reiki treatment

Wellness Tips – Reiki Seichem Reiki-Seichem benefits everyone from any age, including animals and plants. It is a safe non-invasive therapy that is gentle and yet yields miraculous benefits. You may have heard of Reiki, which can be described as a divinely guided form of energy that enhances the flow of Ki through all living […]

The 3 Most Important Ways To Stay Healthy And Cancer Free

How to stay healthy and cancer free

Healthy Living Tips – Staying Cancer Free The first thing to understand about cancer is that its not just a tumor but a disease of the whole body system and often the tumor is the wake up call that lets us know all is not well. We all have billions of cancer cells in our […]

The Numerous Health Benefits Of Meditation

Fresh meditation

The word meditation, for those who have never tried it, conjures up a tranquil picture of a yogi in flowing robes sitting at the edge of a riverbank. The truth of the matter is that the robes, the riverbank, and even the picturesque sitting position are not required. Meditation is a highly practical and healthy […]